A) Screen-Print (re-order)

  • If order is a re-order, provide the original work order / P.O. # that was assigned to the first order that was created for customer or Bay Promotions.
  • This number should be on the art (films) that is filed both electronically and physically in the art and screen departments at Bay.
  • If your are not sure what the number is, you can e-mail or call the art department for it. We hope to provide a quarterly spreadsheet and disk of all the proofs we’ve provided for your customer approval, which contain the numbers needed to reproduce a previous order without mistakes.
  • Keep in mind that if the customers original order was on a white or light colored garment and now wants to print on a dark garment, the art may or may not change with the addition of an underlay plate.
  • In the event that Bay Promotions cannot find the art, hopefully the customer can provide us with a previously printed garment or even a hand drawn picture of the design.

B) Screen-Print (new order)

  • For a first time order with a new customer, we can never have too much information.
  • All work orders need to have a P.O. #, a due date (if date sensitive, please note and give reason), color(s) to be printed (pms # if known), location and size of every print, if different from Bay Promotions standard print size(s) listed on our art work form.
  • It’s very important to have the color(s), size(s) and if possible, the physical make-up of garments to be embellished.The color and the sizes are important for the production of the art and the composition of the garment is important for the quality of the printing.
  • Remember that the P.O. # is the design number that needs to be used for any future orders(s) for this customer, as long as the art stays exactly the same.
  • If the art is to be provided by the customer, and they have it as a vector image and it is an illustrator file, have them send it either to you or directly to Bay Promotions saved in illustrator and sent as a pdf created in illustrator.

C) Embroidery

  • Most of the same information is needed for an embroidery order to flow smoothly and without mistakes.
  • The most important difference is that the design needs to be provided as a .dst file or will need to be digitized in order to be sewn on any product.
  • Our own embroidery department can be very helpful with any questions concerning the quality of a particular design sewn on different garments.

D) Procedure guidelines

  • Work order and art request form need to be provided to Bay Promotions as soon as possible.
  • The art cannot be started without knowing the color(s) and size(s) of product to be embellished.
  • Final art approval and items to be embellished need to be at Bay Promotions within 48 hours of due date, unless otherwise discussed directly with Bernie Scheer or noted on work order. These arrangements need to be communicated by phone or in person to Bay Promotions.
  • Any changes (especially ones that are close to due date), need to have an urgent sheet faxed to Bay Promotions that thoroughly explains the changes to a work order. Then it needs to be followed immediately by a phone call, and lastly (if needed) needs to have a new revised work order submitted.
  • If a rush order arises, there may be a need to reschedule one of your other Printwear orders, if Bay Promotions is already scheduled to its maximum for that particular day or week.